As a big fan of toy companies like Kid Robot and Medicom, I've always wanted to make an art toy.

I've always admired artists in the vinyl toy scene. There are so many unique and crazy styles that you can get excited about, and there always seems to be something new. This project is my exploration into creating my own toys. I've made several attempts, and I will keep updating this page as I complete this passion project.


When I first arrived in Adelaide on my exchange term I took a walk through the city's botanical gardens. I really liked how some of the cacti looked and was inspired to make a toy with a cactus theme. I had also just been introduced to Gundam models, so I wanted to try and combine elements of Gundam with elements of cactus.

As I started to develop the toy more, I had a couple of concepts I wanted to actually fabricate. I started to shift into CAD to make my first master model for casting.


I took the sketches for one of my designs and created a CAD model in Solidworks. From this CAD Model I intended to 3D print my master model for casting.


From my 3D-printed part I started to develop my mold. Some of the toy's features were going to create air pockets, so I had to incorporate escape holes in several locations to avoid bubbles.

To Be Continued...

I have done my first casting and will update this page soon with the resultant casting. Currently I am working on designing several different paint schemes to put on the toy for the final product. More to come!