As a big fan of toy companies like Kid Robot and Medicom, I've always wanted to make an art toy.

I've always admired artists in the vinyl toy scene. There are so many unique and crazy styles that you can get excited about, and there always seems to be something new. This project is my exploration into creating my own toys. I've made several attempts and have documented my process on this page.


One characteristic that I really enjoyed with toys in my collection was the ambiguity of form. The beauty of this is that it allows the artist to customize the toy in many different styles. With that in mind I aimed too find a design that was recognizable but ambiguous.

I ended up working towards a blobular ghost which I could paint in different styles.


I took the sketches for one of my designs and created a CAD model in Solidworks. Using this I could try different styles using software like Keyshot.

Camo No Shade.jpg
Ghosty Boi.784.jpg


From my master model I started to develop my mold. Some of the toy's features were going to create air pockets, so I had to incorporate escape holes in several locations to avoid bubbles.

_DSC0170 - edit.jpg

Final Castings

Once I finished creating my mold I slush cast urethane resin and created several toys. After some time with an airbrush in the spray booth I had my final product.